getting warmer

It’s a long way down to my next destination, Trondheim. A Romanian truck driver helps me along a few hundred kilometers, past the Arctic Circle. We fill the time with his stories about building a highway in the Libyan desert and his nostalgia for the days of CeauČ™escu. But eventually he has to pull over to sleep. It’s almost midnight but the sun will not set. So I walk a kilometer or so over a deserted sunny road to find a place to sleep in the bushes. Next morning I’ve barely walked a few hundred meters before I think I hear something, turn around and stick out my thumb. A couple in a Tesla are heading to Trondheim airport and offer to take me along.

My host in Trondheim is a Greek student living on campus on the outskirts of town. It’s nice but slightly weird hanging out with him and his friends by the barbecue pit. I instantly feel ten years younger. After a day with him and his friends I spend the next day wandering around town and visiting its famous cathedral.

One of my host’s flatmates, an engineering student from China, has gotten curious about hitchhiking and asks me if he can tag along. Together we make our way to Oslo, where I spend a few days hanging out with friends and visiting museums before hitching out towards the Swedish city of Gothenburg. My first ride out of town is a bus empty except for its Chilean driver who has some great stories about making his living as a busker in England before falling in love with a Norwegian woman. Next a man takes me along who traveled to Central Asia and the Caucasus during the last days of the Soviet Union and the great stories continue.