from city to town to village

I wouldn’t have come to London except that I have a friend living in the city. My hitchhiking route through the UK is based on three things: I want to avoid big cities (because they’re difficult to hitchhike out of), and my destinations will mostly be whatever places I find somebody who will let me sleep at theirs. And finally, I have a little over a month to spend before the weather will be too cold to sleep outside and my money runs out.

Cheltenham is the first town where I’ve found a place to sleep. It’s not far from London, but I have to wait three hours before someone gives me my first ride. After a small break wandering around Oxford I find another ride and arrive in Cheltenham by evening.

It’s not a terribly exciting town, but my host is nice and I spend an evening with her and her friends playing board games and watching Rick and Morty. My next host is a few hundred kilometers away in Shrewsbury, but the weather is nice enough and I’ve heard there are some pretty towns around. So after a trip leading me through Gloucestershire heading into Herefordshire past some picturesque medieval market towns I find a place to sleep under a railway bridge on the outskirts of Ledbury.