a visit to Lincoln

After another night sleeping outside I’m pretty keen on getting to Lincoln quickly. However, I have to wait more than an hour before a delivery van stops. I’m glad I get picked up by this guy though: he used to drive trucks, but to spend less time away from home he’s switched to lighter transport. And he really used to be far away from home. He has experience transporting dangerous goods and was part of a convoy to Chernobyl in 1985, as well as having driven Russia’s ice roads to reach its oil fields. His retirement plan is to buy a truck and drive through India.

A Romanian computer programer drops me off in Lincoln where I walk to the house of my hosts, an elderly couple who are very active Green Party members. Couchsurfing hosts are rarely older than 30 and practically never older than 50. These guys are in their seventies, so they have some pretty good insights on developments in UK politics.

Visiting a cathedral, a museum and perhaps another historic landmark is getting to be a pretty standard itinerary for my visits to UK towns. Lincoln is not much different. Yet the beauty of the place is more than enough to keep me paying attention.