prologue – 16-04-2014

I am about to start this trip in a few hours, even though my digital presence is not entirely up to scratch. When I should have been sorting out this site I have been hanging out with friends and strangers or playing Candy Crush – hitchhiking doesn’t involve tickets with bold print and departure times that serve as constant reminders to get it together. (Although a more likely explanation for my inactivity involves my total inability to plan.) If you know me well you will recognize in this website a combination of overblown ambition and shitty work ethic. I’ll improve it and the Facebook page along the way. I intend to update you guys on my trip about twice a week.

If I haven’t told you yet, then you have probably deduced by now that I plan to try to hitchhike the E40 (the road depicted at the top of this page). Try, because I can deviate from the plan both by method of transportation and route. Though bad decisions make for great anecdotes I have no desire to be assaulted, imprisoned or deported and pragmatism is more important than following some abstract line thought up in a UN office.

Which brings me to Ukraine. When I started planning this trip I was wondering if venturing into the Ferghana Valley would be a good idea. Now the risk of being an involuntary participant in geopolitical events is unimaginably closer to home. Though developments are hard to predict, it still intend to travel through the country. Right now, it looks like the way to Kyiv, which I intend to reach in three weeks, is clear.  After that… pragmatism will be my most important guide.

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